Kage Strategy

We are a strategy consulting firm – we work with clients to create strategy and to amplify and augment existing strategies. We also operate on strategic issues across sectors, as well as how sectors interact and inter-relate strategically.

Our work attends both to qualitative and quantitative analysis to enhance the clarity, reach and impact of strategy in markets and within firms and organisations. We enhance firms’ strategic efficacy.

Services we offer include:

strategy consulting We assist firms to add analytic and narrative depth – what we call DIMENSIONALITY – to their strategy to enhance its utility, impact and resilience.

governance We assist clients to ensure that their governance structures and processes support their strategy-making and management of uncertainty & risk.

policy and policy-making Policy has to be robust to a range of settings or assumptions and relevant variables must be tested in a range of values. Few are; this must change and we can help.

support for change When change is constant, the ability to change becomes a source of advantage. We help firms develop a capacity to change and to avoid the need for sudden, dislocating shifts.

Eugene Soltes of HBS misses the point about ethics and the role of training in ‘Why It’s So Hard to Train Someone to Make an Ethical Decision’ at HBR online.

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