ERM recent publications


Robert Skidelsky, 2009. Keynes: The Return of the Master, Allen Lane. here


Marika Arena, Michela Arnaboldi & Giovanni Azzone, G., 2010. The organizational dynamics of Enterprise Risk Management. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 35. here

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Tim J. Leech, 2012. The High Cost of “ERM Herd Mentality”, January, Leech & Co. GRC, here

Anette Mikes, 2011. From counting risk to making risk count: Boundary-work in risk management, Accounting, Organizations and Society, In Press, here

Leen Paape & Roland Spekle, 2012. The Adoption and Design of Enterprise Risk Management Practices: An Empirical Study, European Accounting Review, forthcoming, here

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Michael Power, 2011.  Smart and Dumb Questions to Ask About Risk Management, Risk Watch, May, The Conference Board of Canada, here

Russell Sears, 2010. A fundamental law of risk evaluation, Contingencies, January/February, 10-13, here


Simon Ashby, 2011. Picking up the Pieces: Risk Management in a Post Crisis World, London: FSRF, FS KTN, here

John Downer, 2010. Anatomy of a Disaster: Why Some Accidents Are Unavoidable, CARR Discussion Paper, 61, March 2010, here

Scott Engle, 2010. Did Enterprise Risk Management Really Work? The Case of Lincoln Financial Corporation, ERM Symposium, Society of Actuaries, (April 2010), here

Carl Macrae, 2007. Interrogating the Unknown: Risk Analysis and Sensemaking in Airline Safety Oversight, CARR Discussion Paper, 43, May 2007, here

UBS management, 2008. Shareholder Report on UBS Write-downs, Zurich, UBS, 18 April 2008, here


Simon Ashby and Stephen Diacon, 2010.  Risk Appetite in Theory and Practice, Working Paper, Nottingham Business School

Deepa Govindarajan, 2011.  Corporate Risk Appetite: Ensuring Board and Senior Management Accountability for Risk, (Henley) ICMA Centre Discussion Papers: 2011 Series (November), here

Thomas Hull, 2010. A Deterministic Scenario Approach to Risk Management, ERM Symposium, Society of Actuaries, (April 2010), here

Matthias Meyer, Cathérine Grisar, Felix Kuhnert, 2011. The impact of biases on simulation-based risk aggregation: modeling cognitive influences on risk assessment, J Manag Control (2011) 22:79–105, here

A New Approach for Managing Operational Risk Addressing the Issues Underlying the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Actuaries Canadian Institute of Actuaries Casualty Actuarial Society, December 2009, here


Neil Allan & Neil Cantle, 2011. A review of the use of complex systems applied to risk appetite and emerging risks in ERM practice, The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 28 November 2011 (London) [77 pages], here

Neil Allan & Neil Cantle, 2010, Risk DNA: An evolutionary approach to identifying emerging and adapting enterprise risk using phylogenic analysis, ERM Symposium, Society of Actuaries, (April 2010), here

Peter Bonisch & P.J. Di Giammarino, (2010). Achieving supervisory control of systemic risk, London: FS KTN, JWG and Paradigm Risk, here

Andrew G. Haldane & Robert M. May, 2010. Systemic risk in banking ecosystems, Nature, 20 January 2011, vol. 469, here

Scott Page, 2011. Diversity & Complexity, Princeton Univ. Press, here (chapter 1)

World Economic Forum, 2012. Global Risks 2012, Seventh Edition, WEF, here


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